ZION SPA Specialties


Escape from your face-paced lifestyle and retreat to tradition in our ZION SPA LUXURY.

Sizzling Riesling

Beautifying vinotherapy.

Discover the beneficial effect of grapes in the form of a legendary grape-sugar peeling, whole-body wrap and relaxing massage with the authentic sweet and spicy Sizzling Riesling Oil. For the perfect vinotherapy experience, you will enjoy stones, as if warmed by the sun, on the body. They represent the basis of every vineyard.

120 min 185 €

Blue River Dream

Relaxing therapy for intensive hydration of skin.

A stimulating peeling using a special brush with natural fibers and a massage with preheated balm and oil with the fragrance of chocolate and licorice together with refreshing spray of rose-water summer rain will guarantee unusually smooth, scented and nourished skin and offer an unexpected relaxing and emotional experience.

60 / 90 115 / 155

Relief in Istropolis City

Muscle and mind relief therapy.

This is a deep tissue body massage that uses warm oil with herbal extracts and essential oils of ginger and pepper together with cooling mint balm. It spreads healing energy throughout the body, relaxes tensed muscles, regenerates the skin thoroughly and also has soothing effects on mind.

60/90 115/155

Danube Beauty

Rejuvenating herbal aromatherapy facial.

In the middle of the bustling city in the oasis above the Danube, indulge in an extraordinarily fragrant nine steps facial with the hands and feet pack. It is inspired by the healing herbal tradition of the “Nine Flowers”.

60 min 115 €