Rose secrets ~ Mary Theresa

At ZION SPA LUXURY, you can choose your noble rose combination of therapies and immerse yourself deeply in regenerative rituals in the fragrant world of beauty and relaxation.

Rosy Bliss

Rose body peel to improve blood circulation, cleanse and prepare your skin for the following treatment.

30 min 55 €

Mystic Rose

Relaxing rose massage with rejuvenating and regenerating effects for body and mind. The 60-minute version includes extra hydration with the application of rose hydrating gel.

30 / 60 60 / 105

Noblesse Glow

Nourishing rose facial treatment designed for dry skin and skin exposed to stress.

30 / 60 60 / 105

Rose Glory

Enjoy a rose manicure, during which your hands and mind will blossom. Moreover, you can enjoy a glass of rosé prosecco.

30 / 60 60 / 105

Royal Harmony

Exquisite head massage, where the therapist uses energy techniques that make the treatment magical.

15 min 30 €