Body Treatments

Clear Your Mind

Unwinds mind.

Calm a stressed and confused head with a refreshing yet soothing experience for body, mind and soul. A camomile and olive grain scrub refreshes legs and feet before you are treated to a spiritually uplifting inhalation of frankincense and a traditional aromatherapy massage to target symptoms of stress. A blend of camomile, petitgrain and rosemary helps to calm and cleanse your thoughts, whilst an Ayurvedic scalp and facial massage works on your complete wellbeing to relieve anxiety and emotional exhaustion. Perfect for a troubled mind, this is an effective treatment any time of day to refresh your memory and get your brain back on track.

120 min 185 €

Intense Nourishment

Skin rejuvenation.

The sensual fragrance of exotic flowers such as fresh tuberose, seductive ylang ylang and rich vanilla bring their calming, expansive properties to this treatment. An intensive salt and coffee body exfoliation stimulates the circulation and sloughs off dead cells to revive dull tired-looking skin. Hands and feet are given special attention with applications of rich vitamin E oil to cuticles and heels and a freshwater mud mask to truly soften and condition the skin. Your body is layered in hydrating and mineralising marine algae and then massaged, Skin is then protected with velvety moisturising body butter and finally a scalp massage dissolves tension and stress.

90 min 155 €

Body Refiner

Toning & slimming.

Your treatment starts with body brushing to wake up your skin. Then you relax into a specially designed detox massage complemented by the therapeutic and detoxifying properties of a combination of essential oils that will target stubborn areas of cellulite. You’ll be wrapped in freshwater mud to firm and tone the skin, while foot reflex pressure massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins. Zesty pink grapefruit, sweet orange and mandarin to lift your mood and gently stimulate the body’s energy flow; fresh green rosemary sharpens the senses, and purifying juniper and pine help to release negative emotions and eliminate excess body fluid due to their diuretic properties.

75 min 130 €

Rose Hydrator

Skin hydration.

Bring back your radiance with this comforting, restorative treatment. Precious essential oil of damask rose works on capillary circulation renewing the skin whilst the aroma has an expansive quality that soothes the emotions and nurtures the heart. The treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation. Nourishing oils are applied to cuticles and heels and then the body is layered in a hydrating and regenerating rose gel. A moisturising and softening mix of oil and cream with evening primrose oil and shea butter is smoothed on before being left to penetrate with the body’s own heat under a wrap. An Ayurvedic scalp massage with frankincense inhalation works simultaneously on the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

60 min 115 €