ZION SPA Signature

Combining all elements of luxury, indulgence and relaxation, we have created Signature Treatments which are exclusive to ZION SPA.

Odyssey to Freedom

Specialised pressure point massage and detoxifying essential oils clear away stresses and toxins, leaving the body feeling re-energised. Ayurvedic scalp massage and reflexology ensures a head-to-toe holistic approach, whilst full body brushing and a soothing facial will leave the guest feeling brighter and more refreshed.

120 min 185 €

Promised Land Symphony

Ultimate relaxation.

This concert for four hands is the best way to relax anyone who has a problem to unwind during therapy. Synchronized four hands massage brings dual relaxing effects compared with classical massage. A gourmet experience to your senses is provided by ZION SPA Signature Promised Land Massage Oil, Sizzling Riesling Exfoliating Scrub and Honey Lip Balm. The pinnacle of treatment will surely be a warm and fragrant massage with Melt Velvet Candle and a mist of Rose Water

90 min 255 €