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Let your child experience some of the most engaging therapies under the caring supervision of our therapists in the safe environment of the ZION SPA.

Princess Makeover

A dream come true for a little girl.

A chamomile aromatherapy massage with a tangerine peeling and a massage of little hands; followed by the application of glittery nail polish and a delicious lip gloss with a gift at the end will be the perfect preparation for a princess entering a fairy tale world.

60 min 110 €

Fancy Fingers & Twinkle Toes

A mini-pedicure and mini-manicure for a little princess.

We will bath, massage and wrap your princess’ little feet and after a massage of her little hands, we will apply a glittery nail polish so that she can shine like a star at a majestic ball. She will also receive a small gift, of course.


30 min 55 €

Cheetah Praline´s Chocolate Dream

An amazing massage for small chocolate lovers.

At first, your child will enjoy a tangerine foot peeling while sipping hot chocolate.This is followed by an aromatic massage with a nourishing white chocolate balm that will help to relax your restless little one. The skin will remain silky smooth like Praline’s fur. The chocolate gift at the end will please every child’s sweet tooth.

30 / 60 65 / 110

Busy Little Prince

Aromatherapeutic massage.

An aromatherapeutic massage that will relax a mind that is restless from school or a little body tired from sports. A magical herbal spray will calm his racing thoughts. A massage by tangerine peeling will relieve tired little feet, neck, back or shoulders. Aromatic and nourishing chamomile oil will release any muscle or emotional tension. In addition to an amazing experience from the therapy, your little prince will also receive a gift.

30 / 60 65 / 110

Clear & Cool Face

Cleansing facial.

Using purely natural products of Mcely Bouquet, this treatment is available for each skin type and will result in a naturally beautiful, glowing and healthier face. In six steps, the treatment includes: cleansing, hydrating, soft peeling, massaging, a face mask and nourishment application. The therapist will also give advice on how to take care of the teen’s skin every day at home.

60 min 115 €

Chill out Massage


This deeply relaxing aromatherapeutic massage of the whole body will make all the problems in school disappear. It will release muscles and emotional tension and leave the skin silky smooth. Bring your iPod to enjoy your massage while listening to your favourite music.

60 min 115 €

Moments of Angelic Harmony

Time together.

A joint massage for parent and child – while mom or dad enjoy the Tatras‘ Aromatherapy Massage from the Mountains of Love collection, your child can select either an aromatic chocolate massage or aromatherapy with nourishing chamomile oil. At the end, there is a small VIP gift for your child.

30 / 60 115 / 210

Beauty Parlour for Little Princess and Mom

Beautiful girls.

A bonding experience for mother and daughter, who long for silky soft hands and shiny nails – the princess will enjoy a Fancy Fingers & Twinkly Toes mini-pedicure and minimanicure while her mom enjoys a hand and foot peeling, wrap and massage.

30 min 115 €