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Chocolate Magic

This holiday season we have conjured up a unique experience.
A blend of various massage techniques using our signature Blue River Massage Oil and White Chocolate Body Balm will release muscle tension, enhance your mood, improve the skin´s blood flow and hydrate parched winter skin.
Enjoy drink after the treatment as a gift.

60 min 109 €

Passionfruit Agave Manicure

Passionfruit Agave Manicure and Pedicure Inhale the tropical beach with the limited edition of Passionfruit and Agave. For spring and summer this will be the go-to manicure and pedicure.

60 min 65 €

Passionfruit Agave Pedicure

Treat your feet in the atmosphere of a tropical beach thanks to the limited edition of Passionfruit and Agave.

90 min 90 €