Haute Couture Facials by Linda Meredith

Facial treatment by Linda Meredith

60 min 155 €

Oxygen Booster Treatment

Oxygen is essential for skin regeneration. This treatment is highly recommended to maximize results in between facial treatments. For best results we recommend a series of six.

45 min 119 €

Haute Couture Facials by Linda Meredith

Haute Couture means individually designed for each client, using luxurious and exclusive skincare products. After cleansing, our facial experts will thoroughly assess your skin and advise you on a unique combination of products for immediate improvement. Your skin will be fed with encapsulated vitamins and essential nutrients to increase hydration, leaving you looking fresh and flawless.

90 min 185 €

Pure Collagen Sculpting Eye Lift

Using Pure Collagen, this soothing, eye-lifting treatment delivers instant and transformational, clinically proven results for those in need of a quick fix. The eye contour is sculpted, plumped and brightened with our unique Myo–Collift® technique, which is a combination of the Pure Collagen Eye Mask and Myofascial lifting massage techniques. These are further enhanced with regenerating, clinically proven Refined Golden Millet Oil. The lymphatic system is boosted to increase drainage, in turn reducing puffiness and dark circles using cooling precious jade. Includes a soothing and relaxing Scalp Massage. The result: firmer, hydrated, lifted, brighter and radiant eyes. Best eye treatment for: lines; puffiness; dark circles; wrinkles; head tension.

35 min 90 €

Myo-Col Luxury Hand Lift®

Add a youthful touch to the hands with this opulent and relaxing anti-ageing hand treatment from Carol Joy London. The skin is first prepared with an exfoliating scrub to renew skin cells. Exclusive to Carol Joy London, the Myo–Col Lift® technique combines a Pure Triple-Action Collagen Mask with anti-ageing Myofascial lifting massage, which together tones and plumps out the appearance of fine lines, increases hydration and soothes skin that has been exposed to the elements. The result: glowing, brighter, more visibly plumped hands. Best hand treatment for: wrinkles; slackened skin; tense hands; dry skin and nails.

30 min 70 €