Nail Salon

Premium Spa Manicure

An indulgent yet deeply restorative treatment for dry, hard-working and out-of-condition hands. Initial cleansing and exfoliation smoothes and sloughs off dead cells to prepare skin for a rich treatment, including classic manicure, mask and massage, giving special attention to cuticles. Relax while your hands are left looking and feeling extremely supple, smooth, revitalised and beautiful.

60 min 39 €

Premium Spa Pedicure

Get the energy flowing back through your feet with this invigorating treatment. A specially selected combination of essential oils to revive and stimulate the circulation, reduce fluid retention and lift the spirits. Feet and lower legs are soaked and a classic pedicure will be performed, together with exfoliation and a refreshing mask before a stimulating gel and oil are massaged into the skin. Your body and mind will feel relaxed and your feet beautifully groomed.

75 min 59 €

Express Manicure

This express manicure is a great way to fit a little luxury into a busy lifestyle. Nails are shaped, filed and buffed to perfection. Cuticles are pushed back before hands are moisturised and the nail polish colour of your choice is applied.

30 min 25 €

Express Pedicure

A mini foot treatment, which transforms our often neglected toes into well-pampered feet. Treatment includes toenail shaping, cuticle tidying and an application of professional foot care products, and is completed with your chosen nail polish or buffing.

45 min 39 €

PerfectSense® Paraffin

New standard for paraffin-based treatments, combining total portability and electricity-free heating, refreshing aromatherapy, and powerful formulas designed to address a multitude of skin care needs.

+15/30 19/25