Massage Experiences

Signature Anti-stress Massage

The combination of rare aromas, soft textures and the power of human touch provides a unique experience of deep relaxation for everybody who has difficulty relaxing and switching off the mind. It works intensively against stress and deeply moisturises and nourishes even extremely dry skin, leaving a soft and luxurious feeling.

60 min 79 €

Customised Therapeutic Massage

This traditional massage uses a medium to deep pressure, focusing on releasing tension, blockages and knots and relieving muscular tension and spasms due to stress, work or athletic activities. Compression and cross-fibre friction techniques are used to warm and loosen muscles, along with stretches.

60 / 90 75 / 105

AromaSoul Elements Massage

Aromatherapy is the art and science of creating balance through essential oils extracted from plants. In this therapy, we combine the properties of essential oils with soothing, gentle massage pressure, reducing stress and delivering a new energy to you. A unique massage ritual that takes you on a journey around four continents: the exotic Orient, warm Mediterranean and the Indian world, full of life and ancient cultures and desert tribes. A perfect sensory experience and full relaxation.

60/90 75/105

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones are heated and applied to the chakra points to restore the balance of internal energies. These heated stones are used to massage the entire body, allowing the heat to radiate deep within the muscles to induce a state of deep relaxation, relieving tension and stress.

60 min 75 €

Sacred Nature Massage

Relaxing and harmonising massage that improves blood circulation and nutrition and rejuvenates dry skin all over the body and face. Uses unique butterfly movements, which optimise absorption of nutrients, promote microcirculation and bring you an experience that is distinctly different from other massage techniques. Thanks to bio-certified Ecocert™ formulas, rich in Buriti Oil and Butterfly Bush Extract, it has an intensive cosmetic, antioxidant and protective effect on the external skin

45 / 60 59 / 75

Express Relax

This back, neck and shoulder massage relieves discomfort in areas where stress and tension have had an impact on our body.

30 / 45 45 / 59