Body Care

Aromasoul Ritual

Unique balancing rituals based on the ancient traditions of Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabic cultures. Restores, nourishes, rejuvenates and beautifies all skin types. A rare combination of aroma oils is prepared in accordance with the elements of air, water, fire and earth. It creates a wonderful atmosphere, takes away the worries and fatigue and creates a feeling of perfect physical and mental harmony.

90 min 105 €

Thermogenic Attack

Intensive cosmetic treatment with Fucus algae, ideal for the most visible and resistant cellulite imperfections and to support a visible improvement of the silhouette.

60 min 75 €

Sacred Nature Ritual

Intensely nourishing beauty treatment for face and body. Thanks to bio-certified Ecocert™ formulas, rich in Buriti Oil and Butterfly Bush Extract, it has an intensive cosmetic, antioxidant and protective effect on the external skin barrier. Ideal for dry skin and skin without adequate nutrition.

60 min 79 €

Grotta Giusti

Healing and detoxifying treatment, suitable for both men and women, actively stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and tones and improves skin texture. Mud mask warms up the muscles and joints and stimulates the energy flow, bringing a sense of absolute relaxation, lightness and vitality.

60 min 75 €


Firming cosmetic treatment with Biological Tamanu Oil, it maintains skin hydration and elasticity, giving a feeling of lightness. Ideal for new mothers as part of body care after giving birth. Suitable for pregnant women (medical consultation is recommended).

60 min 75 €