Oenotherapy Collection by Anne Semonin

Le Grand Cru

The epitome of the Anne Semonin Oenotherapy Collection, this ultimate ritual starts with a soothing footbath with grape seeds and essential oils while you enjoy a refreshing vitamin drink of fresh grape juice. Continue on with a deep revitalising body exfoliation and nurturing anti-ageing body wrap, concluding with the wonderfully relaxing and soothing poultices massage. As a final touch, choose a glass of fresh grape juice or wine, the perfect ending to a wine experience like no other…

120 min 149 €

La Sélection du Sommelier

This pampering body rejuvenation will regenerate the skin to its best. An invigorating body scrub is followed
by a nourishing and anti-ageing body mask while you drift away with a wonderfully soothing head massage. The naturally anti-oxidant benefits of this treatment will enhance body drainage, maximise hydration, plump and smooth to perfection, while nurturing your body in a cloud of well-being.

60 min 79 €

La Cuvée Spéciale

A revisited ancient massage technique based on linen poultices, filled with all the goodness of powerful grape seeds, natural grape essences and aromatic essential oils. Through a combination of heat, pressure and the effects of the red grape and essential oils, this gentle massage induces a profound state of physical and mental relaxation helps to banish tension and ease muscles for a unique massage experience

90 min 109 €

Le Vintage

This energising grape seed body polish will leave your skin delightfully soft and smooth, nourished to perfection. By releasing the full force of polyphenols found in seeds and skin of red grape, with an antioxidant power 20 times stronger than vitamin C, this is the perfect way to a healthy glowing skin.

30 min 49 €