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Carol Joy - Caviar & Collagen Cocoon

This luxurious and relaxing body wrap restores minerals to the body and Pure Collagen to the skin, leaving skin smooth, supple and glowing, and the mind soothed and refreshed. The whole body is exfoliated and detoxified with precious Caviar Algae, Pink Himalayan Salts and deeply relaxing essential oils. While the body is cocooned in the warm and relaxing wrap, your face and decollate is rejuvenated using a Pure Collagen Mask.

90 min 169 €

Myofascial Body Work, Carol Joy

Banish aches and diminish pain with warming essential oils and innovative massage, soothing tension within the body and mind. Using myofascial release techniques, this upper body treatment focuses on the back, head, neck and shoulders using gentle stretching and balancing to eliminate discomfort, restore mobility, and work tissue at a deep level.

45 min 89 €

SPARKLE - Chick & Charm Packages

Skin cleansing according skin type including peeling Eyebrow threading Face threading based on preferences Application of collagen EYE PADS by Carol Joy London Skincare product application.

30 min 50 €

CRYSTAL - Chick & Charm Packages

Hair shampooing
Nourishing scalp & hair treatment, hair mask
Head massage
Blow dry

50 min 69 €

TWINKLE - Chick & Charm Packages

Hair shampooing
Blow dry

30 min 45 €

Juniper Tickle

A unique sensory therapy, which will pour into your veins the power of Tatra’s nature. It will clean and warm up your body and relax your mind. Ideal after skiing. During the treatment, you will experience the warm sensation of heated oil drops and subsequent sparkly feeling of juniper, which the therapist sprinkles your body with. There is the warm feeling of hot stones used during the massage and a peeling, which prepares the body for the warming and detoxifying Juniper body wrap. A feet and head massage transports you to a world of total relaxation.

75 min 130 €

Inner Strenght Boost

A luxurious treatment for sensitive skin and an exhausted mind rebuilds your natural strength and shields your skin from emotional and environmental stress. The special blend of essential oils is comforting for anyone who is experiencing their own personal trauma, be it divorce, bereavement, redundancy or any profound loss that can challenge the will to keep going. The therapy includes a comforting body treatment followed by calming, repairing and protecting facial care.
In winter, take advantage of a special price, a beautiful bag as a gift and a 15% discount on home-care product purchases after your treatment.

120 min 149 €